The Art

Building amplifiers to a quality standard this high requires not just precision, but years of experience and fine tuning that build this process into an art.

Every TRON product is numbered, every detail of the materials and processes used are recorded in the TRON log book. Graham cares about your experience of the product and regularly spends hours on the phone with his customers, understanding their musical tastes, inspiring and guiding their choices. When assembling an amplifier something as simple the mounting of a resistor can make a big difference. Graham ensures there is a measured displacement between the component and the board (where a board is used) to control resonance of each component based upon its characteristics (this ensures that vibrations are not transmitted into the component and the contact with the board has no detrimental dielectric effects. Graham himself comments, “if you are using very expensive parts then the assembly matters a huge amount – the performance can be increased at least 15-20% through the care of the construction, for exactly the same components, circuit design and materials.” If you want perfection, everything matters. It's not just the ingredients you choose, it's the subtlety by which they are combined.