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For passionate music lovers, TRON builds amplifiers that deliver a truly emotional musical experience. Every amplifier is designed and hand built by Graham Tricker who selects each individual component based on one criterion alone: what will deliver absolute sound quality to free the soul of the music?

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The Master Craftsman

Graham is of craftsman lineage. His father was a master tailor who owned the oldest tailoring business in London’s famous Savile Row, producing the very best bespoke suits from the finest English cloth. This attention to detail and subtlety of design makes the difference between quality you can see, and that which you can feel; this innate appreciation is in Graham Tricker’s genes.

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The Passion

Passion for music is at the heart of TRON. Graham’s breadth of musical knowledge is astounding; such is his passion. This is another characteristic that runs in the family; Graham’s four daughters are a combination of singers, pianists, violinists, flutists – the powerful emotions that music delivers are a passion for every one of them, and this runs through their daily lives. If Graham is not meticulously building an amplifier to make music, he is immersed in it.

The Art

Building amplifiers to a quality standard this high requires not just precision, but years of experience and fine tuning that build this process into an art.

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The Design

Each product that Graham designs is the result of years of fine-tuning and experimentation. As each circuit is built, Graham modifies and improves from each construction experience.

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The Emotion

Every detail has the potential to distance the listener from the musician. The choice of component, their placement, the case materials, the physical space, and even the way the case is constructed, impact the emotional communication of the music.

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The Syren II is the best line-stage I have ever listened to.

Gary, Audio Exotics, Hong Kong

Sometimes in life you simply have to accept the superior knowledge,
experience and expertise of others – enter Graham Tricker.

Richard Palmer, London, UK

After 25 years as an audiophile I am finally listening to real music… My quest is over.
All my subscriptions are cancelled. I am finally content and able to connect emotionally with my music.

Gene S, New York, USA

Graham, yours is a remarkable product that I will cherish for a long time.

Chuck, Colorado Springs, USA

The Tron Atlantic is an affordable aspiration; sonically superb and a visual work of art,
crafted by a man who understands the emotional connection music brings.

Lee Brindley, Surrey, UK



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What better recommendation for TRON?

I received this message yesterday and thought it was worth sharing and what better testimonial can you get than from a Mastering Engineer.

Hello Graham,

As well as an interesting week of Mastering (soundtrack written by a Japanese composer for NHK, and a soundtrack for a 1930's French silent movie) I've also had a very frustrating week of listening to phono stages.

I was persuaded to try a solid state phono - a XX XXXXX - on the basis of it being a 'giant killer', according to a review in Stereophile, with 'the best mid-range at any price' - but it was, to my mastering and musical ears, hard and compressed for the most part (full but nasty thuddy bass, narrow classical images - just generally claustrophobic). Switching back to the Convergence was, quite literally, a huge relief.

So - I'm putting my searches to one side now and will wait until your Atlantics are ready.

Your final sentence suits my case exactly. I only have one arm (and likely only ever will do) and I need an MC input for my drt xv-1s. The gain on my Convergence (68dB) is plenty.

All the best, Eric
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1 week ago

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Agreed! Love my Convergence phono!

What mc carts cannot be matched with convergence mc phono? (Because of impedance or gain?)

Any new amps on the horizon, Graham?

Another Tron Atlantic 300B Stereo amplifier delivered today... ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Another Tron Atlantic 300B Stereo amplifier delivered today...Image attachment

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Settling in very nicely Graham; in the nicest possible way I keep forgetting it is there.

Lucky person

Looks beautiful!

Как всегда, оценка отлично!

Introducing the new TRON Atlantic DAC. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Comment on Facebook

Looks great Graham! Very excited to hear all the new products, preamp, DAC, and 300b monos—with Western Electric tubes I suspect?

What kind of price range Graham?....

Any new amps in the pipeline?

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new TRON Atlantic valve Pre-amplifier. It was 2 years in development and the audio performance is absolutely amazing. Three versions are available starting at £3500, plus there is a remote control option. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

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Looks beautiful Graham! What valves are in this preamp? Can’t wait to hear one!

brilliant , look forward to hearing one , good news re remote control

It's gorgeous as always

A sneak preview of the new top panel for the soon to be released Tron Atlantic DAC and Pre-amplifier... ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

A sneak preview of the new top panel for the soon to be released Tron Atlantic DAC and Pre-amplifier...Image attachment

It is just so easy to lose the nuances at the first stage of the amplification and this has driven Graham to work so meticulously on the Syren II as a personal project. Graham handcrafts each Syren II as an act of passion, which takes him nearly 2 weeks full time (over 70 hours of skilled labour). Probably the most difficult stage of amplification in any system is the first as it is dealing with the most sensitive signal, anything lost at this point will disappear forever. The preamplifier has the primary responsibility of preserving the music signal where the key is to maximise the dynamics and minimise any corruption, which will be magnified further down the signal path. Graham's designs are by their very nature simple and concise, using the shortest possible signal path. A circuit board is used in preference to hard wiring because, when executed properly, it is more effective in reducing noise, resulting in a quieter background allowing more musical information to be heard. As with most things it all comes down to the quality and the execution. All circuit boards are not equal; Tron uses 1.6mm thick rigid boards that help stabilise micro resonances. The tracks are made of very high purity copper and elegantly laid out to minimise the length of the signal path.

The Syren II is designed using four carefully divided partitions. These partitions help reduce the disruptive effect of magnetic, mechanical and electrical fields for the critical aspects of the circuit. All the components are oriented spatially to limit interference, and are of the highest quality available. Most are specially made to order and the strip core transformers and chokes are individually hand wound. This guarantees perfect pitch, rich tonal colour, and exposes the subtle timing and harmonic structure of the music, where lesser components corrupt and compress the signal. If you listen to a violin up very close then you can literally hear the harmonious chorus of every tiny resonance, and it is precisely this rich textural musical signature that we are passionate about preserving in combination with the timing and dynamics of the performance, in essence, to deliver the emotion of the music.
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3 months ago

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Graham, These are current products?

Tim Williams

Looks like they will be arriving in time for the launch of our 300B Monos...
If anyone wants a pair let me know and I can get more ordered. fifteen inch ribbon of nickel makes the heart of a 300B. See our electron tube staff prepare and apply the special filament coating that makes our famous t...
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4 months ago

Video image

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